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How to Make Your Hair Healthy Again in 2024?

How to Make Your Hair Healthy Again? – Damaged hair is the worst nightmare for any person. Having healthy and flourishing hair is all we want, but what makes our hair so dull and poor at the same time?

Should we blame our lifestyle, or maybe we should blame those products or the treatments we were taking? But no! we can’t do these things, because they’re not worth it and we must keep ourselves away from putting blames, as the reasons could depends on lots of factors like psychological, physical and environmental.

However, whatever the cause, the main issue is how to restore our hair in the aftermath situation. How to take care of them? Do we need to put in much effort? Let’s find out!

How to Make Your Hair Healthy Again?

how to make Hair Healthy again

Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair

Here we have divided the hair care process into three ways that could help us to sustain our hair and to protect it. It is completely based on the hair type and its nature.

You must wonder how we can keep our hair healthy with lots of options available around us, so just chill and find out by yourself!

Hair Masks and Oiling

We are all used to listening to lectures on oiling, choosing the right kind of oil, and getting oil massages! But why is oiling so important that lots of stress is given to it?

Oiling includes the locking and sealing of your hair cuticle that contains the moisture content needed to keep your hair hydrated.

Therefore, choosing the right oil is a boon! Here are the benefits of oiling for hair, enlisted below:

  • It improves blood circulation.
  • It provides the essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Protect it from heat damage.
  • It acts as an antioxidant for your hair.

Therefore, you must do oiling, as it stimulates your hair growth and forms a protective layer around your hair shaft. Many essential oils are available on the market, like olive oil, rosemary, and Argan oil.

If you’re not a fan of essential oils, you can always choose coconut oil. It’s the greatest friend of your hair and contains protein required for the hair.

Heating the oil and gently massaging it on your scalp, which also acts as a stress buster,

Hair Washing Techniques for Hair

Our hair contains protective oils, which are the natural conditioners of our hair, and therefore, if you are going too harsh or just scratching your hair surface with your nails, then you are removing those protective layers. Hence, always be gentle with your hair wash.

Here are some tips on how to wash your hair.

  • Never use extremely hot water on your hair.
  • Go for a cold shower. It would relax your hair follicles.
  • Never scratch it with your nails.
  • Gently massage the scalp.
  • Take shampoo and make a lather out of it and then apply it to your hair shoots.
  • Never comb through wet hair.

Choosing the right diet

Choosing the right diet

Along with the right directions and guidance, it is also very important for us to look at our eating style or what kind of food we are consuming. Because the food we are eating may seriously affect our hair routines.

You can have a diet that is nutritious and contains protein and Omega-3 fat for the scalp. Also, the five vital vitamins, like Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, etc.,

Here are some foods you can include:

  • Consume raw juices such as kiwi, beets, and spinach.
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water during the day.
  • Add nuts like almonds, peanuts, and cashews.
  • You can eat eggs as they contain keratin and fish.
  • Avoid overly fatty snacks, like burgers, loaded with cheese. Etc.,
  • Limit your intake of salty and saturated foods.
  • Avoid soft drinks and coke.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.

Using the Right Kind of Products

Here we can talk about the various kinds of styling tools and products we use for styling our hair, but do you know that these electronically heated items may be dangerous for your hair if you are using them on a regular basis?

So here are some tips for you to keep in mind while using this product.

  • Avoid using a hair dryer or blower and let it soak naturally because it applies excessive heat to your scalp.
  • Don’t use curling irons and straighteners too much as it could lead to breaking your follicles.
  • Don’t go for an electronic comb and use a comb made out of neem bark or any other herbal tree.
  • Keeping the rollers in every time you go outside is not the wisest way to style up. The high ponytail accessories may also be harmful for your hair.
  • The styling gels, serums, and wax can also affect your hair roots a lot.

Right Shampoo

The right shampoo is always so confusing to choose for our hair. We can never be satisfied with those harsh chemicals used for shampooing. They not only make our hair rough and brassy, but also slowly begin to irritate the hairline of our roots.

Therefore, you can always go for the following hair shampoo:

  • Use Amla powder for your hair shampoo.
  • Use those shampoos that contain Bhringraj, Seekai, and heena in natural form. You can use any herbal shampoo with GMP verification.
  • Shampoo must be used according to the different hair conditions, as the hair condition and texture vary from person to person.
  • Use a conditioner that can really make your scalp frizz-free and avoid the layers of dandruff building up.

The Right Fabric for the Hair

Sometimes the type of fabric we’re choosing hampers our hair growth a lot. The pillowcase is the most probable one! as it is mostly used by us during our sleep.

  • Use a soft pillow and not very fluffy.
  • The fabric must not be synthetic or polyester.
  • Go for a silk pillowcase. It helps in the relaxation of hair strands.

How to Make Your Hair Healthy Again? Conclusion

Taking care of hair may be very confusing and irritating, but with the right kind of guidance and self-discipline, everything is possible. Also, along with choosing the right kind of products for your hair, like using organic hair masks, and eating the right diet, it saves you from the damage.

Also, go for a regular haircut and always keep your hair trimmed and well brushed. Detangle it often and use the herbal shampoo twice a week!

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