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What Helps With Hair Loss? The Root Causes & Solution

Lots of causes, but not any permanent solution! Here is where we get confused. There is no solution and no information about the root cause of our hair-loss problems! Some people suffer from hair problems as a result of a genetic disease, while others suffer as a result of poor lifestyle choices. So, to target the problem, we will be discussing the major causes first, and then focus our entire attention on the solution and find out what helps with hair loss.

Common Hair Loss Causes

causes of hair loss

Chemical treatments for hair

Chemical treatment of your hair may result in weakening the natural strength of your hair. It will not only harm your hair follicles, but it will also harm your hair by damaging the hair pores and causing hair thinning problems.

Using chemical hair products

The cosmetic market is filled with lots of chemically treated products with lots of harmful and toxic elements. There is no attention paid towards improving the natural health of your hair, but it also produces counter results like baldness and empty patches on your head.

An unbalanced diet

The main cause of hair fall and weak hair growth is your unhealthy diet plan. In your daily diet, there is no source of a protein-rich diet, some essential vitamins, or iron percentages! This not only affects your body, making it lethargic, but it also badly impacts your body in very dangerous ways, like increasing hair shedding problems and reducing the natural growth of hair.

Mental health

Everyone has a busy lifestyle, from a school-going child to a working adult. There’s lots of stress and tension built into our lives, which not only releases harmful chemicals inside our bodies but also imbalances our hormones. Hormonal imbalances create a lot of disruption in our hair growth mechanism. Increased stress levels result in serious issues such as premature aging and hair graying.

Lack of exercise

Life’s hectic schedules leave little time for daily workouts and yoga practices. In our ancient medical practices, many hair-related yoga have been mentioned. But due to our busy routines and unorganized lifestyles, we never pay attention to our physical health, which directly affects our hair health.

Long-term medication side effects

Taking long-term medication may also affect your hair growth. We have completely discussed this topic in our previous blog, and have mentioned the facts about Alopecia areata, a hair fall condition where hair falls suddenly and leaves small patches on your head. Alopecia is caused when two hair loss conditions occur due to harmful side-effects of drug intake, like Telogen effluvium and Anagen effluvium.

Causes of hair loss in women

Women also suffer from hair loss problems, and sometimes a baldness pattern is observed in some women due to their internal body changes. Some of them are:

Post-pregnancy hair fall – Many women, after becoming a mother, experience a sudden increase in hair fall and hair breakage.

Taking Birth Control pills – Birth control pills block the natural cycle of hair growth by unbalancing the hair growth rate and bringing the hair into a resting phase. Lots of hair fall and hair breakage are seen during this phase. Women will experience partial baldness if the case is severe.

PCOS Syndrome – It is a common hormonal disorder found in women. During this disorder, a male hormone called Androgen, starts to accumulate in large amounts inside the female’s body, which not only increases the hair thinning problem but also causes hair loss.

Causes of hair loss in men

Men also suffer from lots of hair loss problems, which not only make them lose confidence but also lower their self-esteem. So what is the ultimate solution to the root cause of hair fall in men? We have discovered some of the following causes of hair fall in men:

Heredity hair-loss – A man faces hair loss when there is a lineage of hair loss problems present in his family. Yes! Some men, despite being at a young age, saw rapid hair loss. There is alopecia, a hair loss condition where the hair loss starts with a receding hairline due to family genealogy.

Hormonal changes in the body – Sometimes the hormonal changes in the body also affect hair growth, like the accumulation of Telogen effluvium due to extra production of androgenic chemicals inside the male body, which is the main reason behind male pattern baldness.

Long-time illness – Some men suffer from long-term illnesses and also from common diseases like high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and psychological disorders. So, taking medications for the mentioned diseases, like anti-depressants or anti-hypertensives, contains some harmful toxins that can directly affect your hair growth and also move your hair from an active phase to a resting phase.

Smoking – Smoking regularly damages your hair follicles and increases stress levels, which directly impacts your hair growth journey. Also, the accumulation of toxic elements from smoke chokes your hair pores and reduces the regular supply of oxygenated blood circulation into your hair roots.

What Helps With Hair Loss? – Remedies

what helps with hair loss

Now that we have thoroughly discussed the causes of hair loss in both men and women, let’s find out what helps with hair loss in both of them. It can be easy to prepare and practice in our busy routine.

Healthy Diet – To have healthy hair, one must follow a healthy diet routine, like eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water, including balanced minerals and carbs in your diet plan, and also avoiding junk foods and oily things with lots of spices.

Essential supplements – You can always add some important supplements like folic acid, fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6, and other essential hair-boosting elements to give your hair the proper nourishment. One can also add Biotin, which helps in Keratin production in our hair.

Hair growth yoga – One can also perform hair growth yoga like Kapalabhati, Balasana, Sirsasana, and many more. It has been found that practicing the mentioned yoga postures in a continuous manner can help you to regain your shiny and healthy hair.

Effective medications – One can also take some prescribed drugs like Minoxidil topical solution, Finasteride, etc. These drugs and supplements are clinically tested and don’t have any harmful effects on the body but help to recover from hair loss.

Multivitamins – Vitamins are a great source of hair-boosting supplements. Dermatologists have recommended that having some important vitamins and proteins like Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C help to strengthen our hair and save us from typical hair loss.

So What Helps With Hair Loss? The Conclusion

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You can try the best hair products that are 100 percent effective and clinically tested as a hair-boosting supplement for a better hair growth experience.

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