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Nutrafol vs the Alternatives – Point To Point Comparison

Nutrafol vs the Alternatives [Updated 2023]: Hair is the crown of everyone’s personality. And hair fall is a very common problem in men and women in current time. They face very embarrassing situations due to their hair fall. In the market there are multiple variations are available to check the problem of hair loss. Nutrafol is one of them. Nevertheless, we need to find out which one is the best between Nutrafol and others. For this, I have compared all the other products with Nutrafol to choose the better one. So let’s start the comparison.

Nutrafol vs the Alternatives

nutrafol vs the alternatives

About Nutrafol

Nutrafol is a popular hair care brand that has earned many customers’ demands. It is an oral supplement that helps to mitigate hair loss. It is manufactured by nutraceutical wellness Inc, based in New York. Nutrafol has an aim to restore hair loss by reducing androgens and stress. This is clinically studied and has been proven 80% hair growth. It is sold in many countries around the world.

Ingredients: Nutrafol uses many effective and natural ingredients it. They all are clinically tested and have been complete supporters of hair growth. The ingredients are vitamin E, Cayenne pepper extract, Biotin, kelp, zinc, and vitamin A, C, and D.

Side Effects: Nutrafol is completely natural and effective. There are not any side effects found in the users. However, some researchers have found some mild side effects. Some of the side effects are nausea, skin rashes, cramping, etc. These side effects occur for a short period and are very mild.


Nutrafol vs. Viviscal

nutrafol vs viviscal pro

In process of comparison let’s compare Nutrafol with another hair growth product Viviscal. Viviscal is a healthy hair brand that offers a variety of products like their star products: hair growth supplement, shampoo, and serum. Viviscal supplements promise to improve the thickness and appearance of the hair and reduce breakage and shedding.

Ingredients: The ingredients that are used in Viviscal are completely safe and FDA-approved .they are horsetail extract, vitamin c, Biotin, silica, calcium, zinc, and marine collagen. The ingredients are completely natural and effective on hair.

Side Effects: As per clinical trials, Viviscal does not have any side effects. It is completely safe. However, some mild side effects have occurred in some users like nausea, skin rashes, joint pain or stiffness, stomach irritation, allergic reactions, etc. These side effects are temporary.

Nutrafol vs. Viviscal Reddit

Nutrafol and Viviscal both are the top most brands to treat hair loss issues. Both are expensive supplements that have several vitamins and minerals. They both have got many customers’ positive responses. The ingredients that are used in these supplements are both clinically tested. But Viviscal has more side effects than Nutrafol.


Nutrafol vs. Hair La Vie

nutrafol vs hair la vie

Here we will also compare Nutrafol with Hair La Vie. Both are exclusive products in the process of hair loss treatment. Hair La Vie is one of the leading hair treatment brands around the world. It has a line of products, which provide lifetime and ultimate solutions to hair fall.

Ingredients: Hair La Vie includes many natural and clinically-proven ingredients. The ingredients are organic kelp, horsetail herb, zinc, vitamin E, Borage oil, hydrolyzed collagen, bamboo leaf, and stem, etc. The ingredients treat hair shedding and thinning too.

Side effects: In many types of research, it has been found that Hair La Vie does not have any side effects. However, many customers have said that by using this product they have got some hair damages and breakages.


Nutrafol vs Folexin

nutrafol vs folexin

Folexin is a dietary supplement like Nutrafol to treat hair loss. It purely stimulates hair growth. It helps to regenerate healthy hair. It contains nutrients that are good for hair, nail, and skin.

Ingredients: Folexin uses many healthy and natural ingredients that treat hair loss. The ingredients are Biotin, calcium, folate, potassium, bamboo extract, Fo-ti, horsetail extract, etc.

Side effects: It has been proven in many clinical types of research that Folexin does not have any such side effects. It is not like other toxic medications and supplements. The formula that has been made to use the ingredients in it is pure natural. In some cases, some damage in the liver has been found in Folexin users.


Nutrafol vs. Keeps

nutrafol vs keeps

In the process of hair loss treatment, both Nutrafol and Keeps are good. Keeps is a service that includes telehealth and a monthly subscription plan which is focused on hair loss treatment.

Ingredients: The main ingredients in Keeps are Minoxidil and Finasteride. These ingredients are FDA-approved. The active ingredients in it prevent hair loss from the roots. It treats baldness, shedding, and thinning of hair.

Side effects: As the ingredients that are used in Keeps are very powerful thus, some side effects can be seen in the users. Some of the side effects that have been found are sudden weight gain, skin rashes, blisters, itching, and dizziness, swelling on the hands and feet, and chest pain.


Nutrafol vs. Vegamour


Nutrafol and Vegamour both are perfect choices to treat hair loss. Here, in the comparison, we will also compare Nutrafol with Vegamour to see which one is the best. Vegamour has a whole line of several types of products. It has three hair serums, two different types of foams including everyday products. It also has hair loss shampoo. They have the Biotin gummies supplement.

Ingredients: Vegamour has many natural and clinically-tested ingredients which are completely safe. They are red clover, Biotin, Vigna radiate seed extract, nicotiana benthamiana, caffeine, panthenol, limonene, alcohol denat. glycerine, citral, calcium gluconate, potassium sorbate, etc.

Side Effects: Vegamour has many users and it has been found that it does not have any side effects. However, in some cases, Vegamour has shown some side effects like blurred vision, redness in the eyes, irritation, itching, sneezing, and tearing including other discomforts.

Nutrafol vs. Rogaine

nutrafol vs rogaine

In this comparison, we will also compare Rogaine vs. Nutrafol. The Rogaine is a brand name under which Minoxidil is sold. It is also a supplement that is used to treat hair fall. The mechanism that is used in Rogaine is completely different and effective to treat hair loss.

Ingredients: The ingredients that are used in Rogaine are completely safe and clinically tested. The list of Rogaine ingredients is butane, butylated hydroxytoluene, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, glycerine, lactic acid, isobutene, and polysorbate 60.

Side effects: Many people use Rogaine as a hair loss treatment. Nevertheless, they have found some side effects in it like scalp irritation, headache, flushing, dizziness, confusion, swelling in the hands, etc. As Nutrafol has fewer side effects, it is the best one than Rogaine in a hair loss treatment.

Viviscal vs. Finasteride

nutrafol vs finesteroid

Finasteride is a type of medication that is called 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. It treats the BPH by stopping the production of a type of male hormone that causes prostate enlargement. It blocks the production of the male hormone that reduces the growth of hair.

Ingredients: The supplement Finasteride includes ingredients like lactose, sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate, docusate sodium, etc. The ingredients in it stop the DHT (dihydrotestosterone hormone) to grow to enhance hair growth.

Side Effects: The products of Finasteride have shown some side effects like impotence, dizziness, loss of interest in sex, swelling in hands and feet, weakness, etc.

Nutrafol vs. Biotin

nutrafol vs biotin

Biotin is also known as vitamin B. It is used in various metabolic processes in both humans and other types of organisms. It helps maintain many of the body’s systems. In some places, it is used to treat diabetes. (hims vs nutrafol)

It increases the production of keratin in hair and the growth of follicles. Biotin needs to be consumed as it has many positive effects on the body. In a comparison of Biotin with Nutrafol it is found that Biotin is an ingredient in Nutrafol. The intake of Biotin can be done only after medical advice. Most people get enough of it in their regular diet.

Nutrafol vs. Hims

nutrafol vs hims

If someone is searching for a hair loss company, he/she must have heard about Nutrafol and Hims. However, they both are for the same treatment, they use different strategies for the same. By knowing the strategies of both we can understand who the better one is.

Nutrafol is a brand that has a specialization in hair loss treatment. The ingredients are natural and harmful chemical-free. Hims on the other hand prefers classic hair loss treatment.

Ingredients: The ingredients that are used in Hims are cocamide betaine, sodium xylenesulfonate, trideceth sulphate, sodium benzoate, etc. Hims uses its ingredients in completely GMP guidelines.

Side effects: Using the given ingredients can result in some side effects too. Some of the side effects that occur due to usage of Hims are dizziness, fainting, headaches, chest pain, flushing, irregular heartbeats, etc.

Nutrafol vs. Propecia

nutrafol vs propecia

Propecia is another medication that many doctors prescribe and recommend. It is generally used to treat male pattern hair loss. It also boosts the testosterone levels in males including hair growth benefits.


The ingredients that are used in Propecia are lactose monohydrate, sodium starch glycolate, titanium dioxide, etc.

Side effects

There is a list of side effects found in the users of Propecia like dizziness, swelling in the hands, feet, and face, runny nose, low sex drive, skin rashes, and weakness.

Nutrafol vs. Moon Juice

nutrafol alt 10

Moon Juice is a supplement that comes in a powder base supplement that is generally used to regulate cortisol levels, enhance mood and focus and also mental stamina, etc. It also is used to treat hair loss.


Moon juice has the ingredients super herbs, super mushrooms, minerals, and adaptogens in extract and powder forms.

Side effects

According to a study done in the year 2015, the ingredients in the Moon Juice are completely safe. They work to decrease inflammation as well as treat dried scalp.

Nutrafol vs. Sugar Bear Hair

nutrafol vs sugarbear

Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are soft and delicious hair vitamins. They are gluten-free, vegetarian, and cruelty-free. They are made in the USA and also flavored with natural barriers.


The Sugar Bear Hair supplement is made with the ingredients like hair-friendly Biotin, vitamins, essential folic acid as well as vitamin D. It also includes coconut oil and pantothenic acid.

Side effects

Many people do not take any of the supplements for hair growth as they think there will be severe side effects. However, Sugar Bear Hair does not have any side effects. If someone is allergic to any of the ingredients, he/she should consult a doctor before using it.

Nutrafol vs. Minoxidil


The medication Minoxidil is also known as Rogaine. Generally, it is used to treat male pattern baldness. But now it is also available for females. If someone is suffering from severe hair loss, can choose Minoxidil as a treatment.

Ingredients: Minoxidil contains ingredients like starch glycolate, docusate sodium, sodium benzoate, etc.

Side effects: If someone uses male strength Minoxidil as a woman she can get hair in other parts of the body where the solution will touch. It has other side effects too like skin irritation, allergic reactions, dizziness, etc. If someone is allergic to some of its ingredients should consult a doctor before using it


Nutrafol vs. The Alternatives – My Final Verdict

There is no doubt that there are lots of products available in the market when it comes to treating the hair loss problem. You can trust those who continuously promote themselves. Here, in the Nutrafol vs the alternatives I have tried to cover all those products that are very frequently compared with Nutrafol whenever you go to search for a hair loss treatment supplement on the internet.

If you will say that Nutrafol is a complete package of hair loss treatment solutions, I will say there are many other products with the same ingredients are also available. Thus, the decision is all yours. Just go through all the positive and negative parts of the product you are going to use.

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