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✎ How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally

For some people, it is a nightmare, for others it is a horrific incident, because everyone loves their hair so much that they don’t want to lose the precious gift given by mother nature. There’s a question: “How to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

Many factors directly or indirectly contribute to one’s hair growth. If a person is facing a hair loss problem at a very young age, then it must be due to a genetic problem. The hair prevention gets very different for several participants and demands a deep analysis of the hair roots and follicles.

So, here in this article, we will be discussing the common factors of hair loss and their root causes, which deliberately affect the baldness pattern and hair regrowth phases of a person.

Why Does This Hair Loss Problem Occur?

Hair loss problems can occur due to many factors, which can be related to your lifestyle and the diet plan that you are following. It could also arise due to environmental conditions like pollution and dust.

Apart from this, hair loss can be premature and at an early stage. This increases multifold when people are under too much stress, because the toxic chemicals released inside our body destroy the natural growth of hair. The hair bulbs are either closed or the spores stop germinating the new hair.

What are the Causes of Hair Loss?

Continuing our journey to explore the causes of hair loss, we have studied and listed out these major reasons for the hair loss problems in our life:

  • Genetic: In 90 percent of cases of hair loss, it is related to the individual’s family lineage.
  • They are either facing frontal hairline receding problems due to their family gene type, or it may be possible that their fathers and forefathers may have gone through the same phase of problems.
  • Hormonal changes

The hormonal changes inside the body may also result in hair loss. Like at the time of puberty, many young boys face the hair loss problem.

Some women face problems due to their periods; this medical condition is called alopecia areata, which causes hairline receding and scalp widening problems.

  • Long-term medicinal effects

Are you also taking some pills related to diabetes or blood pressure? Then it may be one of the causes of your sudden hair loss problem, because these medicines taken for a long time may have serious hair loss problems like scalp infections, heavy dandruff, and falling hair. Many patients have even been found to spot white hairs on their heads due to the results of taking heavy doses of medicines.

  • Taking lots of stress

We often tend to take a jibe out on the IT professionals or studious students who are constantly working under great tension or indulge in really stressful work conditions. Due to this stress,

A hair fall condition rises, which significantly turns down the active hair follicles into a resting phase, where they become inactive and start to fall out.

  • Hairstyles

Many youths try to experiment with their hair color and textures, using loads of toxic chemicals and artificial dyes, which badly affect the growth and textures of their hair.

Using products like hot irons or straighteners completely damages your hair roots and regular usage of this hair styling equipment may disrupt your hair growth. Also, artificial colors contain ammonia and peroxide, which are harmful chemicals that directly affect our medulla, which is enclosed under the shaft of our hair.

  • Nutritional disorders

Nutritional disorders like obesity and anemia lead to iron deficiency. Other deficiencies like Vitamin A, Vitamin B-1, and niacin deficiency may give rise to alopecia areata, which has the potential for permanent hair loss.

Many nutritional disorders occur due to iron deficiencies, which not only cause dandruff issues and hair fungal problems.

What Is Male Pattern Baldness?

Male pattern baldness is the result of male hormonal changes and is seen as starting with the hairline receding at the crown of the head.

This male pattern baldness occurs due to shrinkage of hair follicles which are shrunken or closed due to several hair loss factors. Some of the common symptoms which one can see are:

  • Formation of an “M” shape on top of our heads
  • After the receding of much hair, the u-shaped or horseshoe shape is formed at the crown of the head, which reduces the ability of the hair to grow and rejuvenate.

How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally For Men:

Now the problem is how men can avoid this problem and still grow hair naturally. Male pattern baldness can be treated with the help of some prescribed medications such as:

  • Minoxidil
  • Commonly known as Rogaine hair solution, it can be applied to the roots of the hair in the form of a solution or foam.
  • Two percent minoxidil solution is applied to a dry scalp by gently rubbing the solution into the scalp.
  • And for using foam, you have to take half a cup of foam and rub it gently over your scalp. After keeping it overnight, you can rinse it the next day.
  • Finasteride: It is a hair loss pill that reduces the growth of active testosterone, a chemical that initiates male pattern baldness.
  • Dutasteride: It is also a hair loss pill which is more effective than the rest of the two-hair solution.

How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally Home Remedies?

The most cheap and inexpensive form of approach toward hair loss is to go for a home-made remedy. Here are some remedies for how to stop baldness and regrow hair naturally.

  • Apply Aloe Vera gel to your scalp. Pluck fresh aloe vera roots from your garden and make a gel by churning it in a mixer and applying it to your crown.
  • Give your hair a massage with essential oils like olive oil, almond oil, etc.,

Natural Remedies to Stop Hair Loss –

hair with natural oils

Nourish Your Hair With Natural Oils –

Every normal person loses fifty to one hundred hair per day. When there is a noticeable increase in the amount lost, it is a sign from your hair to pay attention. The best choice to feed your hair is oils. Olive oil, coconut oil and aloe Vera oil come on top of all natural oils that preserve and heal almost any hair condition.

Olive oil has the benefit of fighting bacteria found in the scalp which is the main factor to hair fall. It nourishes the hair deeply and gives thinning hair a chance to regrow stronger. Olive oil can be used very simply through massaging the scalp for 30 minutes before showering. Aloe Vera and coconut oil also help to give the hair enough food and stop it from falling.

Message Your Scalp With Onion And Garlic –

Scalp With Onion And Garlic

Both onion and garlic have a huge history in healing several diseases, and they are being used all over the world. Onion is full of antibacterial properties, which keep the scalp deeply clean from the roots allowing better absorption of nutrients, which helps to regrow new hair on bald spots. Garlic does the same together with motivating collagen production in the scalp letting growth of new hairs and prevent hair loss.

Raw Onion juice and mashed garlic can be used directly on bald spots or areas that suffer from hair loss. The results differ from a person to another, but approximately the hair starts to regrow naturally in about 3 weeks. To achieve the desired results you need to use onion juice almost daily and garlic up to three times a week.

Use These Home Remedies For A Thicker Hair –


Yes, eggs. Eggs are high in protein and B-complex vitamin which are essential to maintain a strong and thick hair.  Some people may hesitate to use eggs but the results of consuming them definitely worth trying.  Here are two home remedies for hair growth and thickness:

Eggs and olive oil hair treatment

You will need:

 2 Eggs

2 Tablespoons of olive oil

Mix the ingredients and apply to a clean half wet scalp; leave it for 30 minutes then rinse off using a gentle shampoo.

Mayonnaise hair treatment

You will need:

 3 Tablespoons of mayonnaise

Apply the mayonnaise rich in eggs, oil and vinegar on your hair for 40 minutes then wash your hair.

Do not Stop the Care –

So, after you know the origin causing the problem and decide on the best treatment; Results appear. The most important part here to pay attention to is; constant care is essential to preserve the results you paid effort to get. If you repeat the cause, you will suffer from a stronger return of hair loss.

Controlling the inner factors affecting your hair such as what you enter your stomach and the outer factors like chemicals and regular care is key to enjoying a healthy thick hair, always.

Final Thoughts

Hair loss is a serious problem found in men and women. Many reasons are contributed towards hair loss, which may vary person-to-person. Apart from using natural remedies, you can use amazing products like Nutrafol and Hairtamin for better hair gain experiences. They are 100 percent authentic and approved.

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