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✎ How to Stop Hair Loss in Women – Uncovered For You

Hair fall problem is not just a male thing. A lot of women suffer hair loss as well. Often times, women try to hide their hair loss under different hairstyles. There are, however, different causes of hair loss associated with women alone. Causes of hair loss are broadly divided into two, the genetic and the reactive. How to Stop Hair Loss in Women?

How to Stop Hair Loss in Women –

The Genetic hair loss –

Your genetic predisposition can be the reason why you are losing hair. In this case, you might experience a gradual and progressive hair loss. There are certain hair follicles that are sensitive to male hormones. This can be a major cause of hair follicles shrinking. With each growth cycle, you get a slightly shorter and finer hair.

The Reactive hair loss

This kind of hair loss is triggered by other factors. This type of hair loss occurs as a result of internal imbalance or distress. This may be as a result of deficiencies in nutrition, stress, illness or diet. Reactive hair loss can be treated by applying home hair loss remedies.

Some of the common Triggers of hair loss in Women

Hormonal imbalance

Male and female pattern baldness can be triggered by hormonal imbalance. The effect of hormonal imbalance can affect the entire body including the hair. In women specifically, there are some birth hormones that are accountable for hair loss. The female hormones Oestrogens is very hair-friendly and supports hair growth to its best. On the contrary, the male hormones called Androgens can reduce hair growth cycle. Androgens are not hair friendly. An endocrine disorder in women can lead to excess production of androgens. Excess Androgens can lead to hair loss.

Mineral and Vitamin deficiency

Iron deficiency in women is one of the major causes of hair loss in women. Iron is essential for maintaining healthy strands and also producing hair proteins. This is also true for the lack of vitamin B12. This can really have a bad effect on your hair.

Age factor

Age can take a toll on you as a woman. Women going through menopause may also lose a large number of hairs. It is important to understand that the hair ages as we do. This is why we tend to lose more hair at old age. This is a totally normal process in our life’s journey.

Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Male and female pattern baldness treatments start with the identification of hair loss causes. When your hair continues to fall off excessively for over 3 months then consider visiting a doctor. There might be other factors that need to be taken care of first. In most cases, once the root cause is taken care of, hair returns to normal growth.
There are, however, some home remedies for hair loss and regrowth you might consider.

Consider upgrading your diet

protein diet
Consider increasing your daily intake of iron and proteins. Adding proteins to breakfast and lunch can help control hair fall problems. You can also consider consuming more of complex carbohydrates. This will provide hair with enough energy to grow and appear firmer.

Take vitamins supplement

vitamin supplement

You can make up for vitamin deficiency by taking supplements like Folexin rich in hair loss vitamins. Supplements can help boost vitamins and mineral levels for your hair follicles. Supplements work better when consumed after a healthy diet balanced diet.

Look for supplements that are composed of the following minerals and vitamins:
• Iron
• Essential amino acids
• Zinc
• Copper
• Selenium
• L-Methionine
• L-Lysine
• Vitamins B12
• Vitamin C

Consider changing your hair products

hair products

Your hair products might just be the reason why you are losing your hair. Some hair care products may look nice but in turn damage the hair follicles. Consider changing your hair care products to more organic and safer ones.

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