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Keeps Hair Loss Reviews – Does Keeps help Regrow lost Hair?

Keeps Hair Loss Reviews Updated 2023: Are you also struggling with hair loss? And often asks yourself such questions as like why my hair Keeps falling out? We know how frustrating and embarrassing it becomes when you are facing such a huge problem but can’t able to solve it! So, do you feel that it’s high time that you should pay attention to your falling hair? If yes! Then you must keep reading this useful article because we will be providing you the honest Keeps hair loss reviews!

Keeps Hair Loss Reviews – An Overview

keeps hair loss reviews

Keeps is not just a name, but a big hair regrowth brand, a single name that has transformed millions of lives. It is a telehealth-based company that offers its product with a subscription plan. Its main origin is from the US and is located in New York.

Telehealth means the e-medicine facility which provides the evaluation, examination, and treatment facility to its patient without having a personal visit.

In short, Keeps hair regrowth company provides you an affordable hair treatment plan. After you answer some hair-related questions and fill in some basic details like your name, age, date of birth, etc., and upload your photos of hair.

Your hair plan will be decided by a doctor who will review your hair problem details and you will get a month-based subscription plan. Further, you will receive supplements and other products according to your subscription plan.


Types of Products –

Keeps Hair Pills: Keeps hair treatment starts with its one-milligram pills that are made from finasteride, which must be taken as a daily dose. It is highly suitable for treating male baldness patterns, like recovering from vertex hairline loss or the hair loss occurring at the crown of ahead. Finasteride is a proven ingredient to be effective in reducing hair loss effects.

Keeps Hair Topical Solution: The topical solution is formulated with 5% minoxidil that is proven to slow down hair loss along with promoting the regrowth of new hair. It also makes your hair thicker, and longer. It has to be applied twice a day which is proven to be beneficial for initial hair shedding problems, the results are shown in three to four months.

Keeps Hair Shampoo: Keeps hair shampoo is made of Ketoconazole which is proved to be helpful in dandruff treatment and relieves your itching problem within 2 to 3 weeks. It is a prescribed and medicated shampoo that prevents dryness, other causes of possible hair loss.

Keeps Thickening Conditioner: Keeps thickening conditioner makes your hair smooth and healthy, it promotes your hair growth rate and complements your hair loss. Along with making your hair thicker, it also makes it smoother and glowing.

Keeps Hair Foam: This foam contains Minoxidil, which slows down your hair loss and promotes regrowth of hair at the crown. Like other minoxidil solutions, it also promotes hair regrowth and makes your hair thicker and longer.

Keeps Hair Ingredients

Keeps hair growth products consist of two types of chemical ingredients, which are added specifically in the hair products. Their main purpose is to regrow hair but only for men! They have been clinically tested and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Active Keeps hair ingredient – It contains about 5% minoxidil in a topical solution, 1mg finasteride in oral supplement, and 2% ketoconazole in shampoo.

Inactive Keeps hair ingredients – Water, Alcohol, and Propylene Glycol are the ingredients that are present as inactive hair ingredients.

Keeps Hair Loss Treatment Reviews – How It Works?

Keeps hair loss treatment starts with the selection of hair plans. It will provide you an online solution, which is unique and better than most of the hair products available in the market. Now, let’s decode it’s all the types of available hair plans and their suitability. Keeps hair solution provides three types of hair plans:

Overall Thinning Hair: This plan is designed for the overall hair loss solution, from preventing thinning and hair fall to regrowth of new hair. This plan consists of two types of supplements and products, oral and topical solutions that are formulated with Finasteride and Minoxidil, which is known as the best combination for hair regrowth.

Receding Hairline: This plan is for those who are experiencing early hair loss along the hairline and vertex. This provides you with a finasteride pill, which comes in one milligram and it is also known for its best solution in regrowing hairline in vertex and crown.

Thinning at the crown: As per the name, this plan consists of products that are designed to counter thinning hair at the crown and promote new hair growth. In this plan, five percent of Minoxidil is provided in form of foam and solution.

Does Keeps Regrow Hair Work?

Keeps hair products are designed for combating some serious hair problems, however, it doesn’t claim to treat all types of hair loss problems. But its scientifically tested solution is effective in most cases of re-growing hair on the scalp.

During our Keeps hair loss review, we found that it starts exploring people’s daily routine, their lifestyles, and medical hair loss history. One person has to undergo telling all these details and sending a picture of their receding hairline.

Keeps Hair Loss Reviews – It uses entirely safe and clinically approved ingredients which had got positive feedbacks from its users. The most important thing behind all the work of Keeps hair treatment is that everything is supported by a network of highly skilled medical technicians and pharmacists, doctors, and lab-tested experiments. (keeps hair loss review reddit, keeps negative reviews and keeps hair lawsuit)


Further, in this Keeps hair loss reviews, we will try to explore the common questions of the people who always worry about their hair loss problem and Keeps asking themselves Does Keeps regrows my hair? So here we will be seeing the aspects of Keeps hair results in both positive way and negative ways.

  • You get a three-month shipping facility for your product.
  • Keeps also have its mobile app to stay updated with its customers’ queries.
  • There is a cancellation policy available if you don’t see the results.
  • You get the best consultation from the best doctors and medical experts.
  • One of the major advantages of this product is its affordable pricing.
  • You get excellent customer support available 24×7 which is free of charge.
  • They give discounts and one-month free treatment for its first-time users.


  • Specifically designed for male customers.
  • It is only available to certain locations and has limited branches Like (Keeps hair Australia, Keeps hair UK), etc.
  • The interaction is only available through messages no video call facility is provided to its customer.

Keeps Hair loss Reviews by Users

Keeps Hair Regrowth

There are lots of Keeps hair loss reviews available online and most of them are positive responses from the users. Some have revealed that they were able to trace the lining of small hairs on their vertex after using it for three to four months. Also, it helped them to regain their lost confidence and they were able to have a fuller head within generic cost and affordable rate. The shipping cost was also cheaper and faster than other hair products.

Keeps Hair Before and After Pictures: The answer is no! It is not a scam product, in fact, after analyzing most Keeps hair loss reviews, we have found that it has strategically designed its product with certain limitations. It doesn’t claim the full treatment of hair loss, but it helps to narrow down your choice of hair regrowth. Its FDA-approved hair solutions are effective in stopping some receding problems and certain hair thinning problems.

Keeps Hair Loss Reviews – Common FAQs

Does Keeps hair loss have any side effects?

Keeps hair products have given a long length of warning and precautions about its use which has some limitations that can be checked on its official website. Apart from these, there is no such harmful side effect.

Why my hair keeps falling out?

There might be various reasons for your falling hair like poor lifestyle, genetic, diseases, or drug reactions. Keeps hair growth can be a perfect solution for you.

Will Keeps regrow hair?

Yes, the products from Keeps are clinically proven and have delivered positive results to men worldwide.

Is there any proof for Keeps hair growth results?

Yes, there are lots of testimonials and users reviews available online along with before and after pictures that you can check both on the official website and other social platforms.

Are there any reviews available for Keeps products on Reddit?

Yes, some users have chosen independent platforms to leave their feedbacks and experiences with the product.

Does Keeps hair works for women?

No, the product is only limited to treat male baldness patterns and it is not available for women. Women should not use it especially pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Does Keeps provide a cancellation policy?

Yes, they keep their customer care portal open between 10 to 6 pm and you can file a cancellation request if you are not satisfied with the results.

Can I replace the product?

No, the company doesn’t offer any replacement or money-back guarantee. Return policy is only applicable if you delivered damaged or expired products.

How To Subscribe For Keeps?

If you want to order Keeps hair loss products, you need to subscribe to a plan from the official website. There is no other way to buy these products. You can directly purchase the product at a very affordable and cheaper rate by directly signing up to their official website Its cost can vary, depending upon your first-time use and the type of plan you choose!

Plans & Pricing: The company gives you the option to choose from a plan that you may like and subscribe accordingly for 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months plans.

Overall Thinning Hair Plan – 3 months plan ($32.08/mo), 6 months plan ($30.10/mo), and 12 months plan ($27.30/mo)

Receding Hairline Plan – 3 months plan ($22.92/mo), 6 months plan ($21.50/mo), and 12 months plan ($19.50/mo)

Thinning At The Crown Plan – 3 months plan ($9.17/mo), 6 months plan ($8.60/mo), and 12 months plan ($7.80/mo)


Final Verdict on Keeps Hair Loss Reviews

Overall, Keeps hair loss review gave us positive vibes which can be a good option for all those men who always worry about the results and their hair regrowth, its affordable price and FDA verified medication has improved many men’s lives, the treatment will be based on your complete health evaluation, Doctors will always be there for any problem and a medical expert team will support you through your hair gain journey!

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