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Chlorine Water Causes Hair Loss

Can Chlorine Water Cause Hair Loss?

Summer is in full swing and people are rushing to the pools and beaches. The majority of the pools are treated with chlorine for sanitary purposes. Chlorine is an abrasive chemical that is bad for your body, hair, eyes, and skin. People doubt that it may cause irritation and dryness if you are exposed to this chemical for a prolonged time. However, today’s blog is all about can chlorine water cause hair loss?

Although spending too much time in chlorinated water is not good for our health, it may be good enough for maintaining pool hygiene. When my hair started falling out, I thought it may happen due to seasonal change, but then I read about chlorine and the negative effects chlorine has on hair.

So, I have decided to create this write-up based on my experience, discoveries, and research on chlorine and hair loss. Here, is my honest review of chlorine water and hair loss.

Can Chlorine Water Cause Hair Loss?

Can Chlorine Water Cause Hair Loss
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Chlorine is a corrosive chemical. Although chlorine water is good for humans, This chemical has an oxidizing effect which may cause irritation and dryness. But in simple words, exposure to chlorine water does not cause hair loss. It is a myth among humans that chlorine may lead to hair loss. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Dermatology debunked this myth.

In that study, the researchers compared the hair of professional swimmers with that of normal people who don’t spend too much time in the swimming pool. Because of this, they found signs of damage caused by chlorine, but they were not losing hair because of it.

However, there is some evidence that chlorine water high exposure might cause scalp-related problems such as flaky and dry skin, irritation of the scalp, etc. Hair shedding and thinning, as well as discolored hair, can also be a problem.

You have to understand that chloride-induced water brings more side effects than normal swimming pool water. Therefore, we want to recommend that you always wash your hair after swimming to wash off all chlorine and prevent damage caused by chlorine.

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Can Chlorine Cause Discolored Hair?

According to the study in the Journal of Dermatology, they have noticed a few changes in the hair color of the swimmers. But keep in mind that they are professional swimmers, and they might spend hours in the swimming pools every day. Besides chlorine, other heavy metals like copper are also present in the pool water, so we cannot blame the discolored hair as the result of chlorine.

However, as I have mentioned, one of the major side effects of chlorine is dryness and irritation. So, when chlorine is added to dyes or chemically treated hair, then your hair becomes brittle and loses its natural shine and oils. Additionally, the brittle and porous hair can easily absorb the heavy metals in the water, leading to discolored hair.

So, in short, chlorine water in swimming pools will not discolor your hair. Although it gives you a greenish tint if you spend much time in the pools. But the discoloration can be caused due to the exposure of heavy oxidized metals.

How To Get Rid Of Chlorine Damage?

How to Repair Chlorine Damaged Hair

You can get rid of the chlorine damage by simply following a few tips. Many people are surprised that they can reduce the amount of chlorine damage just by using a good quality shampoo and conditioner after swimming sessions. Another great tip of the day is to wet your hair with normal water before entering the pools. Dry strands could absorb metals and moisture like a sponge.

Therefore, wet hair prevents chlorine damage and makes it difficult for hair to absorb other harmful chemicals. Or if your hair is treated with dyes or any kind of hair treatment, then you should use prescribed shampoos and conditioners as suggested by your dermatologist.

The next thing you can do is to swim breaststroke and keep your head above water to protect your hair from chlorine. Lastly, just wear a swimming cap and swim tension-free. So, these are a few tips to minimize the chances of discoloration and enjoy swimming.

Is Hair Loss Or Damage Due To Chlorine Reversible?

Yes, it is possible. In the majority of cases, chlorine causes hair damage by making hair dry and porous. Irritation, discoloration, and itchiness can be reversed if you wash your hair with a good shampoo after swimming. Always use a good-quality shampoo to rinse your hair. It will help to remove all types of chemicals from the hair. Using a protein-enriched conditioner after shampooing will help to replenish the hair’s moisture.

Those who have gone through hair treatments should please use the specialized shampoo and condition to prevent hair loss and hair damage.

Can Chlorine Water Causes Hair Loss? Final Verdict

So, to be honest, we can say that chlorine is not safe for your hair if exposed for a prolonged period. Apart from chlorine, multiple factors lead to hair loss. Stress, genetics, and lifestyle play an important role in hair growth. And this time, I’m 100% sure that swimming in chlorine water cannot cause hair loss.

Swimming is a great exercise to make each part of your body work. If you are experiencing hair loss, then you should monitor your activities and consult your doctor to find out the valid reasons. Chlorine will not cause hair loss unless you are exposed to it for an extended period of time. And lastly, you can follow our tips to prevent hair damage and hair loss.

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