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Causes of Baldness

What Are the Causes of Baldness and Prevention?

What Are the Causes of Baldness? Alopecia is commonly referred to as balding and it also results in hair loss. Hair loss has become a common problem in men and women. The hair loss problem has become a widely spread issue not only in men and women, even teens and adults are also experiencing it. Ture hair loss occurs when no new hairs grow to replace the place of old ones. So, in this article, we will explain the causes of balding and prevention to boost hair growth.

Alopecia affects the scalp. It often results in hair loss. Shedding 100 strands in a day is a natural hair growth cycle. But it becomes a problem when new hair doesn’t grow. However, you have to understand that hair fall and hair loss are two different types of hair problems. Today we will figure out the most common causes of balding and also learn how to fix them.

What Are the Causes of Baldness?

What Are the Causes of Baldness
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Causes of Baldness: The medical term for balding is androgenetic alopecia. Most people experience hair loss as they get older. Hair loss often relates to genetics and aging. Besides, there could be other causes of hair loss, like an underlying medical condition, stress, hormones, etc.

In men, it is called male pattern baldness, and in women, it is known as female pattern baldness. You can easily tackle this type of baldness if you identify the causes. The main causes of balding or hair loss are given below.

  • Nutritional deficiency.
  • Underlying medical conditions and medications.
  • Mental and Physical Stress.
  • Imbalance Hormones.

Nutritional Deficiency

Imbalance diet or lack of healthy food intake is the biggest culprit of hair loss. Nutritional deficiency can lead to baldness and hair loss for the selected period. If your body is lacking essential vitamins such as vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, and Vitamin D, then you may experience hair problems such as hair loss.

Other vitamins such as iron, zinc, and protein also play a vital role in hair growth. You may prefer fast foods, and therefore your body doesn’t get enough nutrients. So, you should switch to healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to get essential nutrients every day.

Underlying Medical Conditions and Medication

Medical conditions are also a reason for hair loss. Some medical conditions come with negative side effects, such as temporary hair loss. The medicines used for treatment can be powerful, and they may cause permanent hair loss.

People also get stressed due to prolonged sickness or recent surgery. Hair loss is caused by a number of medical conditions, including thyroid disease, severe infection, and iron deficiency. Apart from sickness, some types of infection, like fungal infection, can also lead to hair loss.

Mental and Physical Stress

People often start losing more hair when they are going through mental trauma and mental stress. There are many types of mental stress, such as headaches, body pain, panic attacks, etc. Many times, people relate hair loss with stress. However, it’s true that numerous studies have linked stress with hair loss. This cause of hair loss can be treated by ensuring mental health and well-being.

Imbalance Hormones

Imbalance Hormones

Imbalanced hormones can be a result of illness, age, medications, or body changes. Hormones can cause many changes in our bodies. However, one of these changes can be hair loss. In women, hormones may shift because of birth control pills, childbirth, menopause, pregnancy, etc. There are some signs of hormonal change that we have mentioned in detail.

Changes In Hairline:

In the beginning, most people observe hair thinning near the temples. Hair thinning results in noticeable changes in the hairline and then hair loss. To prevent or monitor hair loss, take some photos of the hairline every other month so that you can identify the level of hair loss.

And this way, you can get the best medical help when you show them the previous hair condition.

Causes of Balding – Hair Replacement:

Tracking the hair replacement cycle is another way to measure hair loss. The hair cycle refers to hair replacement in place of old hair. When you shed hair, a new hair grows in place of that hair, and this is called the hair cycle. However, in baldness, it is not necessary to count fallen hairs, but how fast new hair grows is more important.

Excessive Hair Loss After Shower:

It is normal to lose 50-100 strands every day when you brush your hair or take a shower. However, shedding more than 10 hair strands throughout the day is a sign of hair loss.

But don’t worry, it may be a result of temporary stress or any of the causes mentioned above. But if you are experiencing continuous hair fall, then you need medical help. Visit your hair professional to get a diagnosis and treatment. Permanent balding is not preventable, but you can reduce the risk by following a healthy hair routine, a nutrient-rich diet, and meditation.

Causes of Balding – Bottom Line

A vast number of people are experiencing balding. However, there are some treatments and preventions for hair loss. You can reverse hair loss by following the tips offered by experts and dermatologists. In the case of severe hair loss, you should seek medical help. They may help you by recommending medications and the best treatments available to slow down hair loss.

A cure for alopecia has yet to be discovered, but in the meantime, you should take care of your mental and physical health. Although alopecia doesn’t pose any threat to your physical health, mental health, emotional health, and confidence can be affected. You have to be strong and start exploring the groups, treatments, and organizations that may be helpful for hair loss and make life easier.

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