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Hair La Vie Reviews 2023 – Legit brand or Fake Ingredients

It is a fact that nowadays, ninety percent of people are suffering from hair fall problems. It can be due to any reason. The experts say that when the growth of hair is less than the hair fall, it is called hair loss. Every day as part of the hair growth cycle we loss several strands of hair. Nevertheless, in the market, there are many hair growth supplements are available. But among them, if you want to have a ‘Hair La Vie’ hair growth supplement, your decision is correct. Here, in the Hair La Vie Reviews, we will discuss the positive and negative parts and different views of this product.

Hair La Vie Reviews – What Is It?

hair la vie reviews

Hair La Vie is the name of a brand that carries a line of products to fight hair loss issues both externally and internally. The company has a mission to give its customer the best service. The company was started in the year 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs who had the target of giving the best hair growth solution. Hair La Vie product line includes:

Daily Nutrition: 

  • Hair La Vie Foundation Collagen Elixir
  • Hair La Vie Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins
  • Hair La Vie Phytocera
  • Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

Treat, Style, & Protect

  • Hair La Vie Lash24
  • Hair La Vie Mask
  • Hair La Vie Serum

Renewing Growth Treatment

  • N77 Leave-in
  • Organic Argan Oil
  • Cleanse & Condition
  • Hair La Vie Shampoo
  • Hair La Vie Conditioner
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Shampoo & Conditioner Set


Benefits Of Hair La Vie Products

The Hair La Vie products have made us happy because of the number of vitamins and minerals they are having. The main claimed benefits of these products are as follows:-

  • They are a blend of hair-supporting ingredients which has the combination of the best natural products
  • Help support maintaining hair volume
  • Stop hair fall completely
  • Give hair natural shine and growth
  • It gives the best hair regain treatment
  • Hair La Vie has many positive customer reviews
  • It gives very good customer service

Ingredients in Hair La Vie Products

The Hair La Vie mainly has products of daily nutrition for hair growth, treat-style-protect, and cleanse and conditioning. The ingredients in Hair La Vie products are:

Hair La Vie Hair Vitamins

The Hair La Vie vitamins contain natural vitamins that work for hair growth. The Hair La Vie reviews say that they help to boost the immune system and supports hair growth. The ingredients that are used in it are as follows:

Biotin – It is a very common ingredient. It helps support the improvement of body metabolism, nerves, cells, skin, digestive system, etc. it increases the strength of hair.

Reishi Mushroom – It reduces the production of Dihydrotestosterone or DHT in the body. DHT is a sex hormone that causes hair loss.

EVNol Max – This is a type of Vitamin E. It contains tocotrienols and tocopherols which are a supporter of hair growth.

Amla – Many researchers have proven that Amla is very much helpful for hair growth. It has many useful nutrients like amino acids, minerals, vitamins as well as phytonutrients.

Flaxseed – It contains omega-3, protein, fiber, and vitamin E. It gives essential nutrients to the hair.

Bamboo Stem and Leaf – It has a high amount of silica which is good to treat dry scalp and irritation.

Saw Palmetto – It works like Reishi Mushroom and helps support the growth of hair.

Zinc – A deficiency of zinc can result in hair loss and that’s why it is used in this supplement.

Selenium – It is a trace mineral that plays an important role in hair growth.

Organic Kelp – It is also known as sea kelp. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and iodine. Some research says that sea kelp is good for hair strengthening and preventing breakages.

Collagen – This is a type of protein and is very good for hair and body like for bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments.

Borage Oil – Borage oil is harvested from the seeds of the borage herb. It is also known as the starflower. It is rich in protein which is good for the structure, strength, and shape of the hair.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is full of antioxidants. This is not only good for hair growth but also good for the complete immune system.

Iron – Many researchers have proven that if iron is deficient, it can cause hair loss. The other product of Hair La Vie is Phytocera which has skin-boosting phytoceramide

Treat, Style And Protect: The second line of products are those which are designed for the treatment of hair, protect the hair from damage, and style the hair.

This includes products like Lash24-AM/PM Formula. This product contains red clove extract, biotin, keratin, silk amino acid, hydrating fruit sugar, and vitamin B5.

Daily nutrition: These are the products that are taken as daily nutrition as a part of hair care and long-term hair growth. This category includes Foundation Collagen Elixir.

It comes as a powder base. It’s free of sugar, color, and preservatives. The main ingredients of Foundation Collagen Elixir are

  • Rejuvenating grass-fed collagen
  • Hair-enhancing keratin
  • Naturally vibrant blue spirulina
  • Protective antioxidant ginger
  • Immune-boosting vitamin C

These ingredients are proven to be beneficial for root, scalp, and strand levels for healthy hair growth.

Cleanse And Conditioner: This range of products is made for hair wash and conditioning. This category has the following products

Hair La Vie Shampoo & Conditioner – These products have Marula oil, keratin, saw palmetto, coconut oil, peppermint oil, Vitamin D3, E, B5, and Horsetail extract. The Hair La Vie ingredients are clinically tested and completely safe.

Hair La Vie Serum – It is a styling product that contains Argan oil, fractionated Coconut Oil, jojoba seed, vitamin E, silk amino acid, etc.

Hair La Vie Musk – It has been made to strengthen and revitalize the hair. It contains keratin, argan oil, coconut oil, bamboo extracts, and meadowfoam seed, etc.

Renewing growth treatment: This product is specially designed for women. It is for hair growth and dense-looking hair. The ingredients are Ecklonia cava, AqauaCat, fiber hence BM, etc.

In the Hair La Vie vitamins review, we found that the products of this brand are full of many vitamins and minerals with others.


How To Use Hair La Vie Products?

The Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins should be taken at least for two months for a visible result. To get the full result one should take it for at least four months.

The Revitalizing Hair Blend comes in capsules. One should take two capsules per day. It can be taken either together or separately. One in the morning and one in the evening. The Hair La Vie Shampoo can be used daily or twice or thrice a week.

The Hair La Vie Conditioner can be used as the other conditioner is used. With natural ingredients, these products give shine to hair and an excellent outcome. The user gets a fast result from the first month of using the shampoo and conditioner.

Hair La Vie – Pros And Cons

Every product and services have their positive and negative parts. So do Hair La Vie products. The pros and cons of Hair La Vie are as follows:-

Pros and Cons: 

  • These products encourage hair growth
  • They strengthen and nourish the hair
  • The product repairs the skin and hair damages
  • They can make the hair thicker
  • They give the hair more volume


  • These products are not supportive of pregnant women
  • People ages less than 18 are not allowed to use this product
  • There are cases where the product has shown too much faster hair growth
  • Some users got skin allergies after using the product.

Nevertheless, these products are made in a completely safe and hygienic environment. In spite of one or two disadvantages, they have shown positive results to its users.

Hair La Vie Side Effects

Many clinical types of research and customer reviews about Hair La Vie side effects say that Hair La Vie pills and Hair La Vie supplements do not have any side effects. They are safe if used as per recommendation. However, pregnant, breastfeeding women, and someone suffering from any medical condition should avoid the intake of this product.


Is Hair La Vie Product A Scam?

The Hair La Vie products are surely not a scam. All the ingredients that are used in the products are completely natural and full of vitamins. They all are supportive of hair growth and the development of the overall immune system.

Does Hair La Vie Products Work?

The Hair La Vie products have been proven as high-quality products because of their ingredients. It is best for its quality and results. Many researchers have found that the product is remarkable for hair growth. The ingredients that are used in this product together can do wonders. Although, one should never go for an overdose.

Hair La Vie Customer’s Reviews: Hair La Vie has got a lot of appreciation from its customer. They owned the customer’s hearts. Some of the customer’s opinions are as follows:-

“Earlier I was a little bit hesitating to purchase the product. But as I bought it and used it, I understood their expertise. It is great!!! For since last four months, I am using it…….” – Jeny

“It’s awesome!! I cannot explain how good it is. Now I spend hours to see my hair in front of the mirror…now I will not at all change my choice.” Suzi B

“I had spent a lot on my hair….but there was no result…my hair was falling like anything…and my hairdresser suggested about this product ….and yeah…I got the perfect result…I will never stop using it now” – Janita G

The customer reviews for Hair La Vie have proven that the supplements are effective for hair growth perfection.

Hair La Vie Before And After Results: The various customer of Hair La Vie says that before using Hair La Vie their hair had lots of damages but after using the product they have got a perfect result. You can check numerous before and after pics of users who transformed their condition using this product.


Hair La Vie Vs The Alternatives

Hair La Vie Vs Nutrafol: Both Hair La Vie and Nutrafol brands have natural and clinically-tested ingredients. The ingredients of both brands help the hair grow and enhance the quality of the hair.

Where Hair La Vie offers organic powder, pills, supplements, oil, musk, and shampoo, Nutrafol only keeps focusing on serums and supplements. However, in comparison of both the products, it is found that Hair La Vie is a better choice.

Hair La Vie Vs Viviscal: In the comparison of Hair La Vie and Viviscal, we find that both the brands have the target to give the customers their best. Both of them are pursuing ingredients that are safe and very much helpful to the growth of hair.

Viviscal uses AminoMar in its products with other vitamins and minerals. They try to give better hair growth. Whereas Hair La Vie team looks to more natural ingredients to give hair bounce and shine.

Viviscal is in the market for 25 years whereas Hair La Vie is in the market for the last 6 years. In spite of Hair La Vie’s late entrance than Viviscal, the customers have made the Hair La Vie their first choice. Check Viviscal on official website

Hair La Vie Vs Hairfinity: The supplementary hair vitamins are always good but from which brand is a matter of discussion. Here is a comparison between Hair La Vie and Hairfinity. Both the brands are masters in hair care.

Hair La Vie says that it can solve problems whereas Hairfinity gives important solutions to hair problems.

Both the products have natural ingredients but Hair La Vie gives 90 days money-back policy whereas Hairfinity does not give any such offer. Many customers have accepted Hair La Vie as the best solution for their hair damage.

Hair La Vie Vs Haironex: Both Hair La Vie and Haironex claim as the best product on the market. Founded in the US, Haironex is a type of natural supplement that has achieved customer choice. It gives improvement to the hair naturally.

On the other hand, Hair La Vie gives personalized instruction for the growth and nourishment of the hair. The ingredients of Hair La Vie are more effective than Haironex.


Hair La Vie Reviews – Common FAQs

What Makes Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula The Best Choice Among Other Products In The Market?

The Hair La Vie has 20 clinically proven ingredients that do wonders together. The formula that has been used in it has not any unnecessary filler.

Are The Ingredients Of Hair La Vie Clinically Studied?

Yes, the ingredients are completely clinically studied and proven to be safe and effective for natural hair growth.

Is hair La Vie a reputable company?


When The Result Comes?

The supplement takes little time to absorb in the body. It also depends on the body type. The result can be seen within two to three weeks.

What If Someone Stops Using Hair La Vie After Getting The Result?

As after using the product for a particular time the result can be seen. And as the result comes, after a particular time one can stop using it. But after stopping the usage one should use natural products and avoid using products with harmful chemicals.

What If I Miss Or Forget A Capsule?

If one misses one capsule it is okay. She/he should continue from the next day onwards.

Is It A Safe Product?

The Hair La Vie is FDA-registered. The ingredients that are used here are completely safe, say many researchers.

How can I Buy It?

You can buy it online on the Hair La Vie website. Although, many other stores like Amazon also sell it.

Where To Buy Hair La Vie And How?

Hair La Vie products and supplements are available on the official site. You cannot buy Hair La Vie in nearby stores. It’s best to buy it online from the official site. To avoid duplicates one should avoid buying Hair La Vie from Walmart and Amazon. You can get better discounts on the official site.

On the official site, you are available with individual purchases and different packages. You can always get the best guidelines about the products and supplements through the Hair La Vie customer service.

Hair La Vie Reviews – Final Verdict

hair la vie price

Overall, It has become a popular brand with so many Hair La Vie reviews which come online. Among the hair growth brands, Hair La Vie has become very much popular and is condition one of the top hair growth solution.

It offers 90 days money-back guarantee, which means if you are not getting a proper result, you can return the bottle and you can get the money back. So what are you waiting for! Have hair damage? Just get a Hair La Vie product.


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