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Hair Problems and their Solution

4 Common Hair Problems And How To Fix Them

Most of the time, we are all guilty of being less kind to our scalp in comparison to our hair. We focus on our strands to get party-ready curls every time we step out. However, to achieve salon-treated hair, we always use a variety of hair products and too many hot tools to get the desired hairstyle. Unfortunately, over-applying hair products and using hot tools lead to hair problems.

Whether you noticed it or not, our hair has a unique way of telling us that something is not right. But don’t worry, today we have come up with some common hair problems and how to fix them naturally. If you are on a journey to get healthy hair, our tips to fix the hair problems come in handy.

Four Common Hair Problems and their Solution

Hair Problems and their Solution

Oily Scalp

Common hair Problems: An oily scalp or oily roots is one of the most common hair problems in women around the world. The possible reasons behind the oily roots are poor diet, genetics, hormonal changes, and over washing the hair. Washing your hair more than two or three times a week is the biggest cause of oily roots.

Oily hairs feel heavy, they get clumped with each other, and interestingly, they look shinny even when you washed your hair yesterday. Therefore, to get rid of greasy hair, people often wash their hair. But washing is the main culprit for oily roots. When we wash too often, our scalp becomes dry, and to compensate, our scalp produces excess oil to form a protective barrier on the scalp.

Solution For Oily Scalp

Detox your hair, avoid shampoo for a week, and use a different hair washing routine.

Day1: Exfoliate your scalp with a homemade scrub. Use baking soda to remove dirt and product build-up.

Day2: Let your scalp rest. Don’t apply any hair products.

Day3: Wash your hair with fresh water. Don’t use shampoo for washing. Apply conditioner to your scalp. Conditioner helps to control oil production by fooling your sebaceous gland into thinking there is enough oil on your scalp.

  • Day 4-Repeat the Day1 routine.
  • Day 5-Let your scalp rest.
  • Day 6-Repeat Day3 routine.
  • Day7-Again, repeat the Day1 hair routine.

After detox, you can use your regular shampoo, but remember that using shampoo too much will result in oily scalp again.

Hair Fall After Brushing and Showering

How to Repair Chlorine Damaged Hair

Common hair Problems 2022:  Shedding 50-100 strands every day is normal. But if you are noticing hair fall every time you wash your clothes, on the floor, in your hairbrush, and when you shower, there is something wrong with your hair.

There are a lot of reasons for hair fall, such as stress. You have to monitor what causes you to shed too many hairs. Hair fall is probably caused by hormonal imbalance, using the wrong products, and excessive use of hair products.

If you are experiencing a sudden increase in hair fall, don’t ignore it because if you don’t take action, hair fall can be turned into hair loss or baldness.

Hair Fall Treatment

Consult with a professional—In any case, you cannot examine your hair’s health at home. For this reason, you should go to a hair expert or professional for a diagnosis. They will examine you properly and help to address your problem.

Monitor your lifestyle. You have to monitor your lifestyle, and especially your eating habits. You may have an iron deficiency which results in hair fall. If you are dealing with stress due to office workload, school, financial issues, etc. paying attention to your lifestyle also helps to find the problem and then fix it.

Check your hair habits—your bad hair habits can also cause hair fall. You may use flat ironing, heat styling, or hair dyes that can destroy your healthy hair and strip the strength of your hair.

Dull And Dry Hairs

Do you have dull and dry hair even if you have stopped washing your hair every day? The problem of dull and dead hairs will not be solved by cutting back on washing. The problem remains as it is because you may not wash them properly. You should care for your dull and dry hair gently. Sometimes rough hairs are the result of a lack of protein.

Solution For Dull and Dry Hairs

Use Shampoo Only On Scalp: When you have dull and dry hair, then you should use shampoo only on your scalp. However, when you rinse your hair, the shampoo will run through the mid-shafts till the ends, and that will be enough to clean your mid-section till the end of the hair. This way, you can wash your hair without drying it too much.

Rinse Thoroughly: Before applying conditioner, make sure that you rinse your hair properly. You can check this by observing the water that runs down through your hair. Clearwater indicates that you have to rinse your hair properly.

Don’t brush your wet hair: To avoid hair fall, breakage, and dull and dry hair, you should avoid brushing wet hair. Also, use a wide tooth brush for detangling your hair.

Bumps On The Scalp

Bumps On The Scalp

You may have noticed tiny bumps on your scalp. Sometimes these bumps are sore and look like whitehead bumps. Well, this happens because of an inconsistent cleansing routine. Your scalp is skin too, so it also requires timely cleaning to remove blemishes and pimples.

A Remedy for Bumps

Use Hair Exfoliate Mask: Bumps are also the result of product build-up and you can remove them by exfoliating your scalp twice a week. Shampoo alone is not sufficient for cleansing, and shampoo also leaves residue. Therefore, you should use a hair exfoliating mask and use clarifying shampoo to avoid product build-up.

Properly: washing your hair properly is the best way to avoid product residue and bumps or pimples on your scalp. If you are someone who hardily washes your hair, then you should pay attention to washing your hair at least three times a week.

Final Verdict

Common hair Problems: In the end, we just want to say that whether you are washing your hair too often or spending your time heat styling it, you should listen to your hair. Your hair has unique ways of telling you that something is not right. And also take care of your scalp, because if you have an unhealthy scalp, you will never have the hair you always dreamt of having.

So, here are the best solutions straight from the experts. You can try these solutions to get rid of these common hair problems and get amazing hair.

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