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How to Make my Hair Grow Faster – Taking Care of your hair effortlessly

We all want healthy and shiny hair to make us look unique. A healthy hair comprises of various factors ranging from what you eat, what you apply, and how you take care of it regularly. These factors are daily routines and contribute to the growth of the hair. In this article, you will learn how to grow your hair faster and thicker. You will also learn simple ways of caring for hair using home remedies.


Is regular hair care routine important?

Even people with great hair cannot escape external factors, which can contribute to hair loss such as stress, pollution, and internal factors such as hormonal or nutrients issues. However, with good care, you can grow your hair faster and thicker. Who doesn’t want such hair? Well, if you like bleaching and dyeing your hair, it becomes prone to damage. Once you neglect the hair, you not only waste time but also money as your hair becomes brittle.

Know the type of hair you have

Before thinking of improving your hair, you must your hair type. This is the beginning of taking care of your hair because each hair type has its unique treatment. Generally, we have kinky, curly, wavy, and straight hair types. Each tie is prone to damage to certain degree.

If you have the kinky hair type, you do observe that it is particularly voluminous, frizzy and always prone to damage. Well, for those with curly hair, their hair is usually voluminous but splits at the end. It is also prone to damage like the kinky hair. Furthermore, if your hard is wavy, it will be hair to style because it is fizzy. It is better to embrace your natural curl. Finally, if you have straight hairs “hurry” because it is the least prone hair type and the strongest among them. However, don’t apply oil because the oil is oily in nature.

Which product is suitable?

When you don’t want to leave your hair in its natural state, you may consider how to make hair grow faster and thicker using hair care products like Viviscal. However, using such products boils down to hydration. There are many fancy products in the market to help in hair growth. Regrettably, most of these advertised products don’t contain the appropriate nutrient your hair requires. Instead, they cause more damage to your hair than good.

How frequent should someone wash their hair?

People often wash their hair frequently than what is required. Definitely, you should not do it on a daily basis irrespective of the hair type you have. Your hair naturally produces oils and washing it constantly stops that process. However, if you have straight hair, you can wash it every day but those with kinky, curly, and wavy hair type should avoid such routine

How to know if your hair is in shape

Irrespective of the styling products, you decide to you, you need a strong and healthy hair. If your hair only looks beautiful when you use a bun or ponytail, then something is wrong and requires fixing. To start with, check if you are eating healthy food and applying the right hair product on your hair.

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No matter the condition of your hair, you can still have shiny and healthy hair. It is possible even if you have been losing your hair. With little effort and more care, you can revamp the beauty of your hair. Regular hair care routine can remove hair problems such as split ends, hair loss, and rough hair. Finally, know your particular hair type and take care of it properly.

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