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How To Dry Hair Quickly And Still Look Good?

How To Dry Hair Quickly? If you are supposed to go out to a party and need your hair to be styled, you must have dry hair. In case of such a situation, people generally wash the hair and then dry it with a drier. Many times, it happens that using a drier to dry the hair becomes the reason for hair damage. Thus, there should be a solution to dry the hair without damaging it. In this story, we will find some solutions about how to dry hair and still look good.

How To Dry Hair Quickly?

How To Dry Hair Quickly

How To Dry Hair Quickly And Still Look Good?

The Process Of Using Towel: The first process that most people use to dry hair is the usage of the towel. However, patting the hair with a towel is not sufficient to dry hair. Drying your hair should be done in such a way that the process of drying should not harm your hair. Some tips are as follows:-

Microfiber Towels: The usage of a towel helps to dry the body but it cannot be used in the hair drying process. In such conditions, people should use Microfiber towels. These types of towels absorb the water of hair and dry them quickly. Including this, the usages of these towels are very safe to the user. These are very thin and light and unlike the normal towel, they do not create any damage to the hair.

Scrunch The Hair With A Towel: In the process of drying the hair the utilization of the towel should be like scrunching the hair from the bottom. In this process, the towel should be kept flat on the hand and then move slowly on your hair. The process should not be done regularly.

Proper Usage Of Driers: Many times when you are in hurry and do not want to use a towel to dry hair, you should take a drier and use it. However, you should use it without much heat from it as heat can damage your hair. The heat setting of a drier should be at a low level which can be tolerated.

An Air-drying Process: In the process of how to dry hair quickly and still look good, you can take advantage of air drying. You can sit outside and take the moving air support to dry your hair.

Before Using The Blow Drier: you should be prepared completely before using of drier. There should not be continuing use of driers.

Chose The Good Product: The products that are generally used in drying hairs should be of a good brand and company. Sometimes driers from an ordinary brand can damage the hair quality.

Dry Your Hair In Parts: The hair can be dried by separating them into various parts. This is a very easy and quick method of drying. This method does not create any harm to hair.

  • Including this, there are more methods of drying hair easily and safely. Like in the process of drying hair using a hair drier, the heating tools should be chosen properly.
  • The usage of a microfiber hairbrush is also suggested. These hairbrushes that are of microfiber do not make any damage to the hair. It dries the hair including combing it.
  • In the process of fast-drying the hair, one should not use irons. In the market, many types of irons are available related to the hair drying process. It should be avoided as much as possible.
  • The proper usage of conditioner is also helpful in the hair drying process. If in a process of hair wash you use a good quality conditioner you will be able to dry hair more quickly.
  • Good quality towel turban can also be used when you are drying your hair. However, many of the towel turbans can damage the hair. There should a pure choice while taking a towel turban.
  • The usage of wide-toothed combs is also suggested. The wide-toothed combs are very much good to comb the wet hair and make it dry further.
  • You can also use a quick-dry lotion on your hair. In the market many quick-dry lotions are available of good brands; you can choose one of them.
  • The drying process which is natural and quick should be adopted. These processes of drying keep the roots of the hair strong and do not dry the hair follicles. The natural methods of drying hair always save the hair from excessive heat and other negative effects of dryers.
  • If you are planning to style your hair, you must have to dry your hair first. In such a situation always blow driers are used. In the process of such drying to give your hair a style, you should take the advice of your hairdresser and then find a way out to dry your hair without damaging it.
  • If you carry dandruff in your hair, using a hair drier can create damage to it. You should then use an anti-dandruff shampoo.
  • It is also said that the hair which thick takes more time than the thin hair. In such conditions, you should take the air-drying process and use a wide-toothed comb.

Someone who is suffering from hair loss should always avoid a hair drier and always use the natural methods of drying hair in the process of how to dry hair quickly and still look good.


The process of drying the hair can be a problem if you are suffering from hair damage or hair fall. In this situation, you should take an easy-going natural method of drying. The usages of drier should not be done continuously as the heat of it leads to hair damage. If you are trying to style your hair and need a quick-drying, use a drier but with a low level of heat. In some situations, you try not to go for quick-drying and can keep the hair wet living that to be dried naturally.

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